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China Southern Airlines Flight Attendants Wear New Pins


In September 2019, China Southern Airlines ordered a new flight attendant uniform, and the flight attendants also designed a new brooch that matched the uniform, and the new brooch was undertaken by Mircopins. The new brooch has a unique style and is no longer traditional The square brooch is a wing-shaped brooch with special meaning. The color is atmospheric gold, and the original plastic material is replaced by metal material, which is more textured.

In the process of making breasts, China Southern Airlines pays the most attention to quality and details. Due to the particularity of aviation services, the requirements for products are also higher. Quality is more important to the premise of beauty. The brooch made by Mircopins perfectly met their requirements, and the cooperation between the two parties was very pleasant.
The new uniform is more beautiful and novel, and the new golden brooch worn with the new uniform looks fresh and shiny.

The stewardess’s new uniform has left a deep impression on domestic and foreign passengers. The products made by Mircopins bring a new bright spot to aviation uniforms, making the smiles of flight attendants and flight attendants brighter and more charming.

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China Southern Airlines appreciates Mircopins products, and the two parties will cooperate more.

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