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Customers From Australia Visit Mircopins For Further Cooperation


In July 2018, Mr. Michael and his wife Christina from Australia came to China for a business trip. Visited Mircopins factory during the trip and inspected our factory.

Mr. Michael and Ms. Christina conducted a three-day factory inspection. During these three days, Michael and his wife visited the workshop of Mircopins and the product exhibition hall of Mircopins to watch the design and production of Mircopins. All kinds of badges, brooches, commemorative coins, and other products that have been used. Michael and his wife also discussed the production process and methods of badges, medals, and double-sided coins with product engineers. They watched the whole process of making medals and learned in detail about the problems encountered in production and how Mircopins overcomes these problems. , The two sides exchanged opinions and ideas on these issues.

After the visit, Mr. Michael expressed his recognition of Mircopins’ technology and equipment, affirmed the quality of the company’s products, praised Mircopins’ seriousness in detail, and believed that Mircopins is a very anticipated partner. The Michaels and Mircopins signed a memorandum of cooperation and expressed their expectation for further cooperation in the future!

Micropenis welcomes customers from all countries to visit us at any time and look forward to your attention.

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