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Mircopins Organized Training For Workers And Sales Staff


On August 24, 2020, Mircopins organized training for workers and sales staff to have everyone know the strength of the company, Understand the position of the company in the industry, The company’s future development goals, Clear the company’s business philosophy, Organizational structure, Work process, Corporate culture. At the same time training product knowledge, Introduction of the company’s new equipment. Training sales skill and product features, Find Mircopins products selling points, Strengthen customer service awareness, At the training meeting the R & D staff to explain how to quickly distinguish the difference between enamel and baking finishing process, Identify the different effects of 2 process when manufacture medals badges coin lapel pins.

Training Picture

In the production of badges, some badges can be clearly identified in the process, But some badges because of the small difference in appearance, They use different technology, The price and materials are usually different. Let’s introduce the Enamel Badge and baking process which are different points.

1. Cloisonne and imitation Enamel Badge

Cloisonne badge is also known as hard enamel badge or real Enamel Badge. The real Enamel Badge is the highest grade metal among all badges. Real enamel and imitation enamel look very similar, so how to distinguish the process.

From the materials The real enamel uses pure copper, that is, red copper as the main material, and the main material of imitation enamel can be red copper, brass, or iron. From the perspective of color: the real enamel uses cloisonne glaze with solid particles, and the imitation enamel uses enamel paste, so the color of imitation enamel is obviously more abundant than that of real enamel: the real enamel needs to be fired at 800 ℃, and the imitation enamel can be fired at 100-200 ℃. The color of real enamel is grainy, while that of imitation enamel is relatively smooth, with a stereoscopic effect. The surface of the real enamel is slightly convex and curved, and the surface of imitation enamel is smooth.

Right now 99% of factories do not make cloisonne any more! hard enamel is imitation enamel, soft enamel means baking painting

2. Imitation enamel badge and baking paint Badge

This kind of badge is easy to identify. The surface of the imitation enamel badge is smooth, while the surface of the baking paint badge is concave and convex.The color of the paint is concave, while the metal line or surface is convex. It’s worth mentioning here that sometimes if add glass to the surface of a painted badge, looks like imitation enamel, it will be identified carefully.

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