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Product Definition

Medals, Badges, Coins, Lapel pins, Tie Clip, Bookmark, Beer opener, Prize Plate, Trophy, Game Tokens, Metal buckle, Key chains, Dog tag, insignia, and others metal crafts which using gold, silver, Red copper, Brass, Zinc alloy, Iron, Stainless steel, Stainless iron, Aluminum, Nickel, Plastic, PVC, and other materials.

Base on customer different design requirements produce by die casting, Stamping (hydraulic), Corrosion, Polishing, Electroplating, Color finishing (Enamel, Paint, Printing), and other processes to produce satisfactory handicrafts.

Product Process 1

Badges and medals products apply to

1. The badge includes an identity badge and an art badge. One of the most common forms of identity badge, Badge is worn on the body to indicate identity, Occupation, In schools, Factories, Service enterprises are widely used.
2. The commemorative medallion is a public issue for collection and investment, There are two categories of the commemorative medallion of ordinary material and precious metal material. The ordinary commemorative medallion is made of copper, Brass, Alloy, Zinc alloy, Aluminum alloy, Iron, Aluminum, etc. The ordinary commemorative medallion is the most common commemorative medallion collection, Cost is cheaper, the Issue is simple, Subjects are broad, Collectors are numerous.
3. Medals include Games Medal, Medal of honor.

The main production process as below

1.Die-casting technology

Die-cast is easy to make a variety of complex three-dimensional shape, Surface can be electroplating different colors.
Working principle: After carving the die-casting Mold, the two sides of the mold together, the hot molten metal into the mold inside, and then cooling molding.
Advantages: Using the die-casting process metal products can be made into a 3D type.
Application: Widely used in all kinds of commemorative coins, medals, commemorative medallions.

Product Process 2

2.Stamping process

Using a simple concavoconvex to performance, The surface can be electroplating a variety of colors. Working principle: After carving stamping mold, Use of strong pressure, From the top-down stamping in the metal plate above, Thereby pressing out the shape of the metal.
Note: The pressure is too large to make the metal split, Generally can only be a simple concave-convex process.
Application: Widely used in all kinds of commemorative coins, Medals, and so on.

Stamp Process

3.Epoxy process

Expoxy protective effect on the surface of the badge, the crystal drop glue can also increase its surface gloss and brightness, and further increase the surface decoration.
Working principle: Under the premise of other processes, will match the glue inside the Syringe to drip evenly on the label, Trademark, and other surfaces, The general glue layer thickness of 2mm, Dry by nature temperature.
Advantages: waterproof and chemical resistance. Crystal clear finishing
Application: For Company badges, Event badges, Promotion badges.

Epoxy Process

4.Baking paint process

The surface can be plated with all kinds of colors, and the concave area can be filled with paint color. Working principle: Paint is applied after stamping or die-casting. It is injected into the grooves of the metal through a needle and then baked dry.
Note: One groove one color, Color surrounded by a metal edge.
Application: It is widely used in company badge, Team activity badge and collection badge.

Baking Paint

5.Enamel process

Metal surface smooth can be electroplating a variety of colors, it is filled paint color.
Working principle: Enamel uses enamel paint. After the paint is filled and baked, the metal is polished to the same surface as the paint with no bump.
Note: The same is the groove filling as baking paints, Paint is a concave-convex, But the enamel is flat.
Application: For Company Insignia, memorial insignia, collection insignia.


6.Hydraulic pressure

The surface of hydraulic technology is smooth, overall fine like surface plated 24K gold, high-quality collection value, It can be made of pure gold and silver as raw materials.
Applicable: Commemorative Coin


7.PVC printing

badge surface smooth, because of the printing machine made badges with color diversity and patterns of bright color effect.
Application: Widely used in all kinds of commemorative coins, medals, medallions.


8.Tinplate printing

Tinplate badge surface wrapping paper, Paper printing pattern provided by the customer, The back has a plastic bottom and iron bottom for two options, Accessories for the pin. It comes in a variety of sizes. Application: Widely used in all kinds of badges, pins, and other activities.


Mircopins Quality Assurance:

1. Base on customer requirements and product process, choose proper materials and process to production, Reduce costs for clients, and assure quality.
2. Each process strictly implement sample confirm and testing. And manage the production process, The non-conforming products will be checked and phase out. Quality is a top priority.
3. We believe that the quality of products is much better than any advertising, Competitive cost, best quality, fast service, and shipping is our company’s core value.
4. we constantly improve manufacture management and supply chain, strengthen the production process and equipment, which is our core competitiveness of survival in the market.

Question and Answering

Q: How much are the price and the MOQ/minimum quantity?
A: The exact price depends on the specific requirements to calculate, order over a certain number of refund model fees and sample fees, the general starting volume 50-200, Less than the MOQ according to the number of different prices!

Q: Custom customized product, What format file or design should the provide?
A: The design must provide the original documents such as AI/CDR/PDF, if there is no original design you can provide clear pictures.

Q: Does the mold fee include the sample fee and how many samples can be provided?
Answer: The mold fee also includes samples fee, Provide samples 3-4, If hige value samples only provide samples 1-2, if customers need additional samples (more than 5), A bit sample fees will be charged.

Q: How many days for the sample making? How many days for bulk production supply?
A: Sample making generally in 7-8 days, Depending on the complexity of the product design may adjust, the bulk production done is about 12-15 days, depending on the number of specific, If urgent orders can be expedited production.

Q: How do I know if your product matches the customer’s design? Can I change the mold in the middle? A: After receiving the mold fee, we will arrange to draw 2D or 3D effect drawing to have the customer confirm it first. Before the mold released, the Customer can do the modification. If the mold is done, the Customer will bear the cost of remaking the mold.

Q: How do I pay?
A: Pay Credit card or bank transfer, 30% pre-payment, The balance needs to be paid before shipment.

Q: How do I deliver the goods?


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