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  • Commemorative Coin

    Commemorative Coin

    A commemorative coin is a legal tender issued by a country to commemorate international or national political, historical, cultural, and other major events, outstanding people, places of interest, rare animals and plants, sports events, and so on. It includes ordinary commemorative coins and precious metal commemorative coins.Ordinary commemorative coins can be circulated, but precious metal commemorative coins cannot be circulated.

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  • Insignia


    A Insignia is a medal of honor awarded to individuals or groups by the government, royal family or international organizations. The purpose of the insignia is to praise and highlight the contributions of the person to society, nation, country and mankind, including sports, military, scientific, academic or other major and special feats or achievements. It is a symbol of honor for those who are honored.

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  • Lapel Pin

    Lapel Pin

    Lapel pin, also known as brooch, is a kind of jewelry that is pinned on clothes with hooks, and can also be regarded as decorative pins. It is generally of metal texture, inlaid with gems, enamel, etc. It can be used as pure decoration or fixed clothes (such as robes, cloaks, scarves, etc.).The universality and category of lapel pins accessories are closely related to clothing. Jewelry and clothing are often used together to make people feel the beauty of harmony.

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  • Medal


    Medals are certificates issued to the winners of various competitions. They are generally made of metal. In sports competitions, there are gold, silver and bronze medals corresponding to the first, second and third places respectively.A medal normall with a ribbon,Material: nylon or polyester. It is a sling or sling used to hang a medal. It is also called “medal sling”.Standard width reference: 10mm; 13mm; 15mm; 20mm; 25mm; 30mm; 38mm;The ribbon can be designed and manufactured according to different requirements, and can be printed with logo or various patterns.

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  • Badge


    A badge is a special symbol used to express identity, occupation, honor or to commemorate something. It is generally divided into national emblem, occupation badge (such as military emblem, school emblem, hat emblem, etc.), commemorative badge (such as badge for tourist attractions, various activities, commemorative badge for various characters.), gift badge (generally made of high-grade materials), and craft badge (such as zodiac, flower, animal, etc.).

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